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I am very grateful for the genuinely lovely team at Club Physiotherapy. Clinical Pilates classes with a physio who really knows my body has given me maximum benefit from the sessions, helping manage my scoliosis related back pain. When I do need a physio session I know any one of the team will always do a great job. I can’t recommend their services more highly
— Roz L
I have been attending various Pilates classes over the last 20 years to ensure my core muscles support my lower back as I have a dehydrated disc which can cause issues if left unchecked. I have found over the last few years that the classes with Sandy and the team deliver the guidance and level that I need to keep my back in working order. I have been through the levels from medium to advanced with support from the team ensuring that the exercises are being carried out properly with the right breathing. It really makes a difference when performing the exercises correctly. Many thanks for your continued support.
— Tony G
Thanks to Club Physio I am getting mobile again having developed painful tennis / golfer’s elbow. They found the root cause of the problem to be in the neck and a combination of massages and prescribed exercises has eased the symptoms.  Hours are flexible to suit working people and there is spacious, easy car parking for those with restricted arm movement.
— Maggie S
I have been attending weekly Pilates classes for nearly two years and the small classes are tailored to my individual needs. Katie’s classes are enjoyable, varied, progressive and I always feel supported.
— Laura B
Having played rugby in my youth and ridden horses all my life I now find myself needing regular physiotherapy to help treat old injuries and aches and pains. Club Physiotherapy have managed to do this in an effective professional way, offering a very high level of experience with a number of alternative treatment methods. I can therefore highly recommend Club Physiotherapy  to anyone in need of muscular treatment.
— Matt H
Sandy is one of the best physiotherapist I know and lots of my friends, also her clients agree with me. She always puts her clients first and foremost. She is very diligent, very conscientious, hardworking and attentive. I value her very highly. She is also a very nice person, funny and entertaining. Her team has always been very helpful.
— Michele F
I really enjoy my weekly Pilates class at Club Physiotherapy. It has really helped to strengthen my core and Sandy makes the class enjoyable.
— Carole C
I have been working Sandy and her team now for over 4 years and have benefited greatly from their focused and tailored approached to my needs. Which has helped me build my core strength through the excellent Pilates classes and enabled me to keep free of injuries so I can enjoy my running.
— Mark B
A physio I trust completely to diagnose and treat my injuries. A great attention to detail with rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. I have been using this Physio for over 15 years and have always received fantastic service and care.
— Katie H
I found Pilates several years ago after hip surgery – it has been life changing. I couldn’t function as I do without this being the very centre of my whole being. Everything I do in my normal day to day life incorporates the tools we are taught in class. I have immense gratitude towards Sandy and her team for the above and beyond service I have encountered – not just Pilates and physiotherapy.
The thought, care and compassion that goes into any problem I have had has been invaluable. They are a core part of my support network and I am so glad I found them.
— Julie L
I have used Club Physiotherapy for several years now for treatment to injuries and for sports massages and have always found the Physios to be highly professional and knowledgeable, combined with a welcoming friendliness and provision of a great deal of support and guidance for any rehab done outside of appointments. On several occasions I have been struggling with injuries with no sign of improvement only to be given treatment and a series of exercises which have put me back on a quick road to recovery. I can’t speak highly enough of these guys and the service they provide. A big thank you!
— Paul O
Club Physio has helped me through some tough times, the professional and caring attitude of the staff is of the highest quality not only supporting me with physio but also with the physio led Pilates groups. The fun group sessions have given me a solid foundation and the motivation to get fully mobile and enjoying life to the full.
— Sarah S
I have had an unfortunate series of motorcycle accidents resulting in broken bones, muscle and tendon damage. In all these instances my rehabilitation has been accelerated by Club Physiotherapy treatment, help and kindness.
— Henry R